Trisha Laya

I'm known on the world wide web as 'Shathree'. I'm a Multimedia Arts graduate. I dig both traditional and digital art, for it tells us that the ways of how we express art is limitless.

I love movies. My family shares the same passion. And when I'm feeling crazy, I succumb into my brother and sister's video and computer games. They know the most awesome games [but sometimes hard to find/get] ever created on earth. They are also my source of latest trending memes that I enjoy the most.

I love treasuring moments.

And then there's this another thing that had kept me so much alive. It had been passed on to me by my parents, from the first time I had touched a microphone, until now. I learn everything, from the instruments and the vocals, to manipulating the sounds around me. I call my works 'experimental' even if the composition are of exactly like a song. Music is my life, and i'm not just saying.