Shaun Snapp

Palo Alto, California, United States

Shaun Snapp is both an author of a number of books on supply chain and IT decision making books, an independent consultant and sales engineer. Shaun Snapp also manages Software Decisions, a paid analysis site and training company.

A list of Shaun Snapp's books is the following:
Here is the website of Shaun Snapp's publishing company SCM Focus Press.
Software Decisions is both a customized training company and on line site which publishes leading edge analysis that improves IT decision making.
SCM Focus is one of the top websites that covers supply chain software.

Shaun's Vimeo videos can be seen at the following links:

Explaning Software Decisions

Introducing Software Decisions

Shaun Snapp Interviewing Joseph Shamir of Tools Group on Myths of Inventory Optimization

Shaun Snapp Interviewing Jeff Bodenstab on Inventory Optimization

Shaun Snapp Interviewing Tim Andreae on How to Plan Service Parts

Shaun Snapp on Blending Solutions for Supply Chain Planning

Shaun Snapp on Pivot Forecasting in Demand Planning

Shaun Snapp on the Hijacking of the Term Inventory Optimization

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