Cosplayer, Tutor, and Freelancer in サラワク, マレーシア

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I am Sanada TASUKUMI 眞田佑久未 a.k.a. SANDA サンダ

[ Nickname ] San-chan / Tasutasu / Kumi / Sensei
[ Pseudonym ] shawn2death / Shawn Death

◑ [ Cosplay ] CureCos #227430 / WorldCosplay
◑ [ Freelance ] Photography, graphic design, illustration
◑ [ Tutor ] Art (all ages), English (elementary and highschool), Mathematics (elementary school)
Head department of Human Resource, Booth Management, Floor and Decoration

Formed by a group of youngsters who loves ACG, Japanese culture and hobby. They wish to share their interest throughout Kuching, Sarawak by organising the Anime Gathering, a night of Anime Lovers, unique from all others!

Recruiting volunteers :
- Decoration team members
- Photographer
- Videographer
- Multimedia designer


淘寳 TAOBAO service available within Sarawak.


Ameba blog (Japanese)

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