Shawnee Faye Hunter

Mother, Visionary, and Self-employed in Saint Petersburg, Florida

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I encourage and invite all humans to do the following research :

Farmer Markets :Hours, days, locations.

Local Health Food Stores:Location and hours.

Find out if your area adds fluoride in water, drink filtered water... 5gal jugs filled with glacier water reverse osmosis (@most grocery and gas stores) I encourage you to add your trace minerals back into this kind of filtered water (can get trace minerals from local health food stores)

Contact me for affordable water filtered that works efficiently to go in your home.

Local Springs with directions and where you can purchase glass jars/containers

Recycle Centers, hours and locations, what the pick up at home options are.

Tips on important ways to give back to the earth, for example how to compost, how to start/maintain gardens for personal use, how to use little or no trash, how to live a healthy life and give back to momma Earth. How to receive from Momma Earth in a loving way.<3

Truth is, we are infinite and powerful, fun-loving gladiators of the Universe, with eternity before us and the power of our thoughts and feelings to help us shape it. ૐ ☮ ℓﻉﻻ٥ IS POWERFUL . ☯ I am a person of love and so are you! Let's create wonders for the world to experience! Miracles are happening every second of the day. Let's give back by being conscious of how we are living and live in a simple way that gives to our future generations.

Я Ξ v Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N~ ✿ܓℓσνє & Bℓєѕѕιиgѕ♥ ✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸♫•*¨Patience`*•♫.•´*.¸.•´Peace*♫`*.♥¸.Happiness*´♥´ .♥Love¸.•´¸Good Health.•*¨ ¸¸.• ♫♪Music♫.¸.♥´ ❤❤PeAcE❤I Am an inspirational leader and motivational speaker. I AM a ray of sunshine and inspire people to reach inside themselves to shine their own light. I enjoy receiving love and feelings from the Beloved Mighty I AM Presence. I AM passionate about living my life in the present moment always willing to give gratitude for everything in this life. I love sharing my positive intentions with the world. Having a traumatic childhood and teenage life I have been living on my own since 16 years old taking care of myself.(with the help of guides and mentors) I have learned a lot of tough lessons and always learning as I continue to evolve. I am so thankful for the way my life has been growing up because it has strengthen me to the fullest and I am always growing. Contact me to chat anytime! I love to garden and PLANT TREES . I work in a community gardens and am always learning more. I am a servant of the land and communicate with it eve

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