Shawn Punjwani

Hotelier in Minneapolis

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Hotelier, Entrepreneur and Minneapolis Businessman

Shawn Punjwani is theFounder and CEO of Embassy Enterprises, a hotel holding outfit. A hotelier of humble beginnings, when Punjwani initially launched his hospitality and lodging business, he drew in revenues of $320K annually. In just under 8 years, those numbers saw a major upward trend — all the way up to $4.4 million! That momentum and drive for success has only continued to grow in Punjwani’s navigation of the hospitality industry.

Throughout his career, Shawn Punjwani has earned an esteemed reputation as a hotelier in the Minneapolis area. He credits his experiences in the world of hotel management with solidifying his expertise and business acumen. Drawing on his own work, Punjwani now offers valuable insight to entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses. He currently offers consulting in the areas of property management, real estate management and strategic development.