Shayan Khwaja

Student in Williamsburg, Virginia

Hey everyone! My name is Shayan, and I am a junior at William and Mary. I am majoring in Biology. On campus, I am involved in GSP, a tutoring club where William and Mary students go out to local elementary and middle schools to mentor and academically support the kids there. I am also a member of the Health Careers Clubs, so I can better learn about medical field (I am hoping to apply to med school soon!). For fun, I am a part of the cricket club (the sport), South Asian Student Association, and Muslim Student Association. I also love hanging out with friends and family and watching football in my free time.

This summer, I will be doing Biology research on campus, studying the thyroid hormone receptor.

If you have any questions about academics or anything at William and Mary, I am more than happy to meet and talk.