Shay Bloch

entrepreneur in San Francisco, California

Shay Bloch

entrepreneur in San Francisco, California

Entrepreneur with over 10 years of tech experience in Product development, Business Development, Marketing and Strategy.

Today running a new startup -

An ai startup in stealth mode, disrupting the on-demand economy.

Shay Led one of the largest Q&A network for teens and young adults with over 180M active users.

Sold the first startup at 27 and led the second; from a garage stage to a successful global company and within 2 years becoming the leading web platform for kids in Russia, Turkey, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, and Italy. Heading towards the rest of LATAM and Europe.

With a successful monetization track record working with global brands like Universal, Ikea, Pepsi-Co, Toyota, CN, Unilever and many more.

A large part of the success was in the ability to identify market needs quickly and adapt them, as well as vast experience in UI & UX keeping up with new ways to empower users, track market voids and position them towards company growth.

Experience in:

- Product lead, Innovation & Growth
- Business Management & Operations

- Strategy & Product Marketing
- Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

Holds B.A in psychology & M.A in Youth Digital culture.

  • Education
    • Tel Aviv University