Sheaff Brock

Proudly Offering a Variety of Portfolios in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Sheaff Brock Investment Advisors, LLC, whose catch phrase is "Innovative Portfolios for Intelligent Investors," focuses on developing and sustaining portfolios for high–net worth individuals. As a fee-only firm, the company offers combined investment experience spanning multiple decades and focuses on a personalized approach. Sheaff Brock provides clients with on-going analysis and education through their knowledge builder webinars. additionally they provide monthly newsletters about market environments and quarterly reports on individual investment performance.

Some of the innovative portfolio growth strategies available are: IntelliBuild and Bulls of the Dow. Additionally Sheaff Brock offers total return focused strategies such as Dividend Growth and Income and Covered Call Income. Sheaff Brock is committed to professional ongoing management of the individual portfolio strategies, and providing ongoing client communication. Clients always have access to their portfolio consultant, a member of the client solutions team, who stands readily available to provide any assistance and to answer any questions.

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