Sheba Njagi

Trainer, Life Coach, and Public Speaker in Kenya

Hello, welcome to my page!

I’m Sheba and I'm on a mission to catalyze people towards growth and transformation while in their pursuit to live abundantly and create wealth.

I am an entrepreneur who serves as a coach for committed people who need an accountability partner and support system while in their journey to achieve their personal and entrepreneurial goals.

I'm also a trainer and keynote speaker and you’ll find my sessions are interactive, practical, applicable and empowering.

Are you revved up and ready to get things done to achieve your key life goals, I am here for you!

I am committed to sharing inspiring and uplifting conversations, resources, tools and events that empower and support you to continue living your best wholistic life.

Whether you attend any of my trainings or book a coaching session, my goal is to support you to live a life enriched with positive impact, fulfilment and freedom.

Live . Share . Thrive

  • Work
    • Centonomy and GoForth
  • Education
    • Colorado State University
    • USIU