Richelle Principe


-----> I eat a lot. I love cute things. I love watching anime, reading manga and sketching. I love collecting sea shells. I love singing and dancing. I really really really love MICKEY and MINNIE MOUSE. I love eating sweets, I love music and art. I talk to my self a lot haha I'm the type of person that will burst out laughing. I'm 5'5, I'm sensitive, I cry easily, I'm emotional, I'm not that smart, I'm daddy's girl, I dream a lot. My friends says I'm timid, clumsy, stingy, greedy, cheerful and friendly. I don't talk to strangers, I don't cook I just eat. Sometimes I don't care to other people but I do care for someone :) I hate bats. I hate FLIRT, BITCH, PATHETIC and OVER ACTING people. I hate guys who are "MAYABANG" and "FEELING GWAPO". I look but I don't stare(I stare sometimes)

That's all thank you ;) God bless and have a nice day :)