Shekhar Lele


Thanks a ton for taking time out & visiting my blog Hope I didnot disappoint you..

I am a banker by profession but a blogger by passion..The blogging passion inside me started to manifest itself from 24th May 2010.. Since then I have shared my thoughts over more than 80 articles and intend to share many more in the days to come.

I have often felt that there are many issues which we do discuss amongst ourselves but never put them in have started blogging..will try to concentrate only on issues which make some sense in our day-to-day lives..where changes can be implemented by us....The topics I generally write on include sports, the mad game called cricket, politics, some filmi gyaan, corporate life & latest happenings happening around us. As the title of my blog reads, I always aim at keeping the thoughts and the language as simple as possible.

Just 1 request..after reading my posts, please provide your valuable comments on them even if u disagree with me completely..Positive/ negative comments are all will only help me in understanding different viewpoints of different people in around us...

Thanks..Have a great day ... & a Great Life ahead...!!!

I can be reached at [email protected] Also active on twitter & facebook.

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    • Business Analyst
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    • MBA (Finance), B.Tech (Computers)