.Shema Jones.

Filmmaker in Los Angeles, California

.Shema Jones.

Filmmaker in Los Angeles, California

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Vision | to spread love, style, & understanding.

Mission | empowering others to reach their greatness.


...born in Houston, TX, and raised in Los Angeles, CA, where her love and passion for performing arts is taking her to places she's always dreamed of.

Shema's had the opportunity to be a part of the film industry on and off since she was signed with, Academy Kids, at just 10 years old. In 2014, she took home the Nashville Film Festival Sci-Fi Short Screenwriting Award. Within the past few years, she's booked two international commercials (Nissan & ShoeDazzle), starred in five short films & co-starred in one feature (notably, 'A LOVE UNDEFINED' was an official selection of Atlanta's 2015 Bronze Lens Film Festival), & wrote & self-published a positive mantra book: 'Shema Jones | Life Notes'; all while representing herself. After writing, co-directing, starring in and producing her first dramatic short last year, 'A LOVE UNDEFINED', she ventured into the production side of the film industry. Her journey as a production assistant lasted for less than six months and by January 2016, she was hired by a production house in North Hollywood, HDFilms, as a production coordinator and producer. There she simultaneously assisted in the coordination of three hosted/loosely scripted shows: 'Movie3Some', 'Reel Kids', and 'Weekend Ticket'. By March of 2016, she accepted a position as a visual creative in the production department of her choice of worship, Cottonwood Church of Los Alamitos, CA. Now in 2017, the possibilities are endless!

She's currently producing a psychological, sci-fi piece that she's co-written, co-directing, and starring in under her filmmaking/film-loving hub: fiktiv™ FILMS.

In short, with God's gudiance, Shema is an award-winning actress, writer, and overall creative excited about pushing her seemingly limits & growing to become one of the greatest to ever do it.

Withholding two degrees, an Associate of Arts in Fashion Design/Marketing & a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communication ...

Shema's showing no signs of slowing down; actively making her mark throughout film, spreading love, style, & understanding ... the world is definitely in for some awesomeness from this Pisces creative.