Shem Cohen

Albany, New York USA

Shem Cohen is an Organization Development Consultant, Facilitator and Mediator, and Principal of Change Events, Inc., a boutique management consulting firm offering clients collaborative planning initiatives to create strategy, effect organizational change and help clients resolve challenging business, organizational or relational concerns.

Shem has had the honor to work with and learn from many notable leaders and organizations over the past 20+ years. (Clients here). Leaders have included senior corporate executives, entrepreneurs, ambassadors, government officials, not-for-profit leaders and family business owners. Industries Mr. Cohen has served have included finance/banking, health insurance/healthcare, global product/manufacturing, technology, pharma, law, environmental advocacy, labor, and many not-for-profits & small/family businesses. The core of Shem's work rests in the principle that, in order to create high-quality, actionable strategies for a business, lead successful change or help a team resolve critical issues, the right people need to be engaged productively, discover common ground on what they want to see happen and be inspired to act with resolve to create something new. (Success Stories available here).

The value Mr. Cohen brings to clients is a culmination of over 30 years working with people, life experience, formal education (Masters Degree in Organization Development) and much appreciated guidance from his mentors. He specializes in multi-stakeholder engagement, improving organizations from the inside. Mr. Cohen is honored to have his work included in several globally published books on collaborative planning, and most recently in 'Productive Workplaces, 25th Anniversary Edition' by Dr. Marvin Weisbord, voted by the ODN as one of the most influential books in the field of the past 40 years.

Shem is a father to two wonderful children, is an educated/accomplished classical musician and enjoys outdoor adventure, exploring new places and learning about other's stories, cultures, beliefs and values.

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