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A Grenada Travel Authorization is a internationally valid passport issued by the Grenada government. It will not have any specific country information on it but contains a request and entry destination. Permission to travel outside the continental waters is simply given upon presentation of a Grenada Travel Authorization.

If you intend on visiting Grenada, you have to acquire a Grenada Travel Authorization so as to travel abroad. This will help regulate your rights when traveling between the islands, particularly in the event that you fall sick or require a medical evacuation from the nation. Furthermore, your Grenada travel authorization can help determine which health care providers you are able to see while you're in the country. Should you obtain a Grenada travel authorization, then you can visit many hospitals in the nation without the need to acquire a travel insurance policy coverage.

In the event that you do wind up falling ill during your stay in Grenada, you will nevertheless be permitted to visit the island without a medical travel insurance. But, it is highly advised that you obtain a Grenada Travel Authorization, as this will ensure that any negative PCR test result will not be used against you during immigration proceedings. In the event a negative PCR test outcome is issued from you, your Grenada travel authorization will allow you to fight a court battle to keep the usage of such a diagnosis from the immigration process. Specifically, the record can help you assert that the test was not done properly and has been based on data that is unstructured. Furthermore, if you're able to demonstrate that the negative PCR result wasn't your doing, you may have the ability to protect against the Immigration Department from using this type of diagnosis to exclude you from your island.