Shendi Xu

Special Education Teacher in San Francisco, California

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I believe that learning is one of the greatest joys in life, and I consider it an absolute privilege to be able to deliver instruction to students.

As a special education teacher, my deep conviction is that all students can learn and that our duty as teachers is to know and understand each child in order to best serve his or her needs.

I begin my knowledge of students by establishing relationships with them and acting as a warm demander – an adult who is at once caring and also holds them to high expectations. Then, through assessment of their abilities, crafting lessons to their present levels and educational goals and continuing to reinforce key learnings, we are able to grow together.

In addition to teaching Common Core-aligned lessons appropriate to each student’s present levels, I place a heavy emphasis on study and executive functioning skills so students can learn the essential elements of self-management that are critical to ensuring their success.

Additionally, inculcating a growth mindset in my students is as important as any other skill I will teach them – having been a part of my classroom, it is my aim for students to recognize and build upon their strengths and to practice resilience in the face of every obstacle.

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