Sherif Elkhatib

Denver CO

My name is Sherif Elkhatib; I am the obsessive-compulsive comic book nerd that you will come to know and love. By day, I am an engineer; by night, I am an underwear on the outside type of crime-fighter. I was never really into comics as a kid, so I’ve had a lot of catching up to do in the past few years. And I still have a lot of learning to do; but isn’t that the joy of comics? A whole new world opens up to you, and you can just dive right in it like a Scrooge McDuck money vault. I’ve tried to become knowledgeable in most superhero mythology and am currently reading upwards of thirty stories, as well as catching up on back-logged trade paperbacks.

I’ve tried to immerse myself in all things comics – good, bad, independent, mainstream, old and new, but my number one love in comics has always been Batman. Since my mom introduced me to Batman Returns as a toddler, Batman has always been my favorite. His beliefs are unwavering, his technique is flawless and he is, indeed, very human and vulnerable. About half our library is Batman and I love having discussions about the Bats with anyone from people who haven’t seen the movies to those more obsessed with Batman than E. Nigma himself.

Although Batman is my main fixation, I still enjoy a variety platter of nerd hors d’oeuvres. Aside from comics, I love television, videogames, collectibles, hip hop and basketball – all of which is fair game on this blog. I’m also a huge fan of lists, which you will notice. Anyway, hope I did not babble too much. You will see me do most of the comic book pieces, as well as anything pertaining to the Dark Knight or collectibles. The aim isn’t necessarily to change your mind with our blog, but to introduce something you wouldn’t have considered otherwise; hopefully, we can all dive in our own little Scrooge McDuck vault.