Sherrie Rose

Chief Legacy Officer

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Sherrie Rose– Spokesperson for 21st Century Legacy (the long game). Self-appointed Chief Legacy Officer. Ambassador to LEGACY CHIEFS Who Personify The Chief-Contributors In Our World.

Sherrie Rose, Author–
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Ms. Rose represents the latest in entrepreneurs: a combination of real-world know-how and applied future thinking.

Her latest book, The Cocoon Conundrum,encapsulates personal stories and experiences as part of the Odyssey and, in the Liberation, you’ll find proven processes that will help you navigate and simplify the development of your idea from start to finish-the right way.

Sherrie loves connecting people for success and engaging in a legacy worthy life.

Motto: The Real Currency is Relationship Riches™

Expertise: ♦ Program Developer for Legacy Chief ♦ Chieftain Tribe Mastermind ♦ Web Summit Mastery ♦ Strategic Relationship Builder ♦

Formerly, Leading Web Event Strategist, Author, The Webinar Way, top-rated Webinar Coach @


"Sherrie is the quintessential mastermind. She is the project director, executive producer, make it happen woman you want to run your team. She sees the big picture and the details with an eye to the future. Most of all, she is fun to work with and brings her own special style to liven things up!"

– Natoma Keir


"Sherrie Rose is woman of high intrinsic value, balanced with insight, wisdom and beauty. Sherrie has summed up the essence of life in two words, ‘Relationship Riches.’ ”

– Alexander Ryker


Sherrie Rose is a talented go-giver, always adding value. Throughout our lasting work relationship, Sherrie has brought professionalism, creativity, and optimism. Looking forward to continuing on a path of success with this stellar individual. A true team player! "

– Antoine Conrad