Sherrie Rose in California

Sherrie Rose in California

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Sherrie Rose - #1 Rated Webinar Coach, Leading Web Event Strategist, Author, The Webinar Way. Sherrie loves connecting people for success: The Real Currency is "Relationship Riches"

Talents: ♦ Leading Web Event Strategist ♦ Webinar Coach ♦ Web Summit Expert ♦ Strategic Relationship Builder ♦

Sherrie Rose, Author, 'The Webinar Way'

WEBINAR COACH, Webinar Master: One of the best ways to build relationships and have people get to know, like and trust you is a webinar. Sherrie Empowers Leaders & Coaches.

Sherrie Rose is the International Spokesperson for The Power of Webinars.

Webinars (web+seminar) come in many forms and on many platforms including Google Hangouts.

In her book, The Webinar Way, Sherrie explains the importance of Liking and Authority as major factors in Pillar 5 for webinar fame as you broadcast your way to success. These refer to two principles made famous by author Ciadlini because "People prefer to say 'yes' to those they know and like," and "People respect authority. They want to follow the lead of real experts."

♦ It all starts with LIKING in every relationship, both business and personal.♦

Guru Series Interview by Eben Pagan (stage name David DeAngelo) kicked off Sherrie's online business activity: Secrets to 'The Love Bucket®' ♥ Love Linguist®. She is fondly known for coining the term 'lovematism.'

Sherrie says: "Share. When you see a person without a smile, give him yours." And, online, give a #LikesUP !!!

Motto: The Real Currency is Relationship Riches™
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