Shimon Sheves

Consultant in London, United Kingdom

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Sheves Shimon, an Israeli born entrepreneur and the co-founder of RSLB. Prior to his career in the business sector, he led a political career in Israel and served as Director General of the Prime Minister's Office.

Career in the Public sector

In 1979 Sheves Shimon was appointed to lead the Golan Economic Development Company, in addition to heading the Golan Settlements Committee and being the Deputy Chairman of Golan Heights Regional Council.

In 1984 Sheves Shimon accepted position as personal and political aide to the Minister of National Defense, Yitzhak Rabin.

In 1990 the labor party sat in the opposition, Sheves continued serving as Rabin's personal assistant and managed the electoral campaign. In 1992 the Labor Party won, for the first time after 25 years.

Between 1992-1995, Sheves Shimon was appointed as the chief of staff and general director of the Prime Minister Office. In addition, he led the inter-ministry committee for national housing and infrastructure. Due to very massive immigration from the Soviet Union at the time, housing was a matter of national priority. The Committee, known as "The CEO's bus", traveled across Israel in the effort of promoting public and private construction.

He has served as a crucial political advisor to prime ministers from Romania.

Career in the private sector.

Since 1995 Sheves entered the private sector as political and business consultant.

In 2002 he partnered with three other Israeli public figures with prominent political and financial background, and opened the consulting firm RSLB. The firm is based in Washington DC and specialized in helping companies entering the American market.

Fund Raising and Community

Mr' Sheves Shimoncontinues his involvement in the community and take part in few associations, among those are ALEH and GALOP, associations for disabled, autistic and underprivileged children, and YETER.

Since 2016 Sheves has been working with a number of international companies in the cyber development industry and now the founder and chairman of