prince in Hell, Michigan

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✨prince - 16 - england

✨he/him pronouns, she/her is ok if we're close.

✨entp, lawful evil, transmuter nen type

✨i have autism, npd, anxiety and depression.

✨main interests are hxh, pripara, enstars and jjba i have a lot more though!! if i req to follow you and you dont like anything here then i probably share unlisted interests with you.

✨these characters are me, dfi you follow doubles of ones marked with *:

✨shikyoin hibiki*, aoyama yuuga, itsuki shu*, alois trancy, hayami hiro. questioning shaiapouf + pariston hill (i need to finish hxh to decide,,)

✨dont follow if you interact with anyone who kins/ids as shikyoin hibiki. this is very important to me and i will not make any exceptions. dont follow if you go by owen, haru or toby.

✨dm me "perfect beauty knight" to be accepted unless i req you first.