Shiloh Friend

Lake Worth FL

I am a Recruiter with a background in Talent Acquisition, Corporate Recruitment and Executive Search. I feel so fortunate to be doing something that I am passionate about. In my professional life I thrive on the thrill of finding someone that perfect next step in their career and life. I have often been told that my energy is infectious. I talk fast and work fast and it all adds up to living life fast and to the fullest. I consider recruiting sales the only difference is that my product is people. I am a happy to be called a hunter, but I don’t really like the term head hunter. I don't wait for the right candidates to come to me. I am fortunate to have a robust professional LinkedIn network of just over 30k first level connections and they play an integral role in my success. My network combined with my Boolean Search Logic knowledge have made job boards an unnecessary expense for me for nearly five years. I think I could be considered a Loud Adler groupie. I don’t like job descriptions because, who reads them anyways? I have a lot of siblings, especially sisters. I love having a big family and I hate how people think that my having a big family makes it ok to make inappropriate comments about my parents. I am passionate about the things I love and the things I love range from running, to crafting, to being a mom and sister, to recruiting and social sourcing. I am always open to network or help people out with a little career or resume advice. I didn’t get to where I am today alone and I’m appreciative to all of those who helped me along my path and continue to do so now.

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