shiloh ratima

My names Shiloh,

I Like Drawing, Watching Cartoon movies and Looking after my two little brothers. I Study full time and tend to look to my little brothers for inspirations mainly. In my spare time I clean, cook, and do other house jobs that need to be done, So really you could say the only time I rest is when I fall asleep. I'm more of a quite person when it comes to meeting new people, at times I find it quite hard to join into conversation or discussion if I don't know people but thats the whole point of getting to know your peers, and socializing is by randomly intruding in on people conversating. Being the eldest of 6 does have its moments and then finding out that your the only adult between the rest can be scary yet it also perpares you for certain skills in the future. Born and Breed in Hastings, Hawkes Bay.and I have a weird fascination with little trinket boxes or little things wrapped up that some people get annoyed with that side of me.