Shima Moore

Transformational Curator, Public Speaker, and Consultant in San Francisco, California

Shima Moore

Transformational Curator, Public Speaker, and Consultant in San Francisco, California

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A life-long pioneer at the forefront of paradigm shifts that integrate body, mind and spirit, I am dedicated to transforming lives personally, socially and planetarily. visit:

• Co-founder 5DHC (Fifth Dimensional Healing Community) Marin (2015).

• Certified Stargate Facilitator and Bay Area Stargate Coordinator (2014).

• EVP N-Light-N-TV & Radio, Global Community Network. A collective vision to align, support and highlight a vast array of positive programming by others, as well as producing high-quality LiveStream, and original programming in-house (2012).

• Helped to birth Conscious Life Expo (2002) taking on various roles: CLE program director, associate producer, program manager and mistress of ceremonies, each with a goal to inspire, motivate and empower attendees, staff and volunteers, As CEO of ShimaEvents, I facilitate events, conferences and cruises.

• In a prior incarnation (Judi V. Brewer) in SoCal, I co-created, produced and was editor-in-chief of Perceptions magazine, a trail-blazing national publication that skillfully wove relevant info about government, health and metaphysics into personally empowering nuggets. (1993-1997)

• Co-founder of SF's Rainbow Grocery (1974) Judi Brewer was a pivotal force in its expansion to a General Store. Serving as the collective's premiere dry-goods buyer, I'm honored to have played a role in ushering in the sustainable, organic alternative movement.

• Healing myself of stage-4 cervical cancer (1984) via natural foods and alternative resources, I went on to study with Hawaii’s beloved Auntie Margaret Machado to become a licensed Hawaiian Massage Therapist and worked with high-profile Hollywood celebrities. Holistic lifestyles, health and nutrition were my focus in Malibu, CA via Judi Brewer’s Total Body Awareness, and Dance-Trance-Fusion, a predecessor of Sweat Your Prayers.

Homecoming queen at University of Bridgeport, I was a fit-and runway model, creator and teacher of yoga, jazz, tap, and ballet... and choreographer. Behavior Breakthrough Trainer for NutriSystem Weight Loss Centers throughout Ventura County, I counseled staff and clients.

• Currently honing my transformational curator skills via "Forays into the AHHHsome," which features offerings on a variety of topics, including 10-Day Ageless Vitality Master Cleanse, building upon my unique POV culled from a lifetime of rich experiences; Wisdom of the Ancients cosmological insights, and empowering Interdimensional Stargate Meditations....