Shimmie Horn

New York

Triumph Hotels have five luxurious hotel properties in New York City. Each of these hotels prides itself on being extremely service oriented, welcoming guests to a chic, intimate experience. A few fun facts about the hotels include:

The Cosmopolitan Tribeca is the longest running hotel in New York City, opening its doors in 1845.

Leona Helmsley once too up residence at the Chandler.

Roy Rogers enjoyed staying at the Washington Jefferson Hotel, which today has 135 stylish rooms.

In 1920, as a publicity stunt for the movie "Tarzan," T. R. Zann checked into the Belleclaire. Employees were told to deliver a packing crate to him from the street...that had a lion named Jim in it, rather than the piano they said it had inside.

Triumph Hotels are owned by Shimmie Horn