shining girl

Seoul, Shout of Korean.

I swear to loving your 13+2 perfvcktion Ahjusshirs - 5 romeos - 12 wolf!

Who is Cho Kyu Hyun and Lee Sung Min? For me, their is perfvcktion superman beetween 15 supermans.

Who is Lee Tae Min and Lee Jin Ki? Their is perfvcktion romeos and be lucifer in my heart.

Who is Wu Yi Fan, Park Cha Nyeol, and Byun Baek Hyun? Their is mine. If u dare to touch them, I swear I kill you!

Ever Lasting Friends, SHINee World, and EXO stand it's my kingdom. Sapphire Blue Ocean and Pearl Aqua Ocean it's my blood.

Nothing special and just an ordinary fan-girl from Indonesian.

Kim Myungsoo'09.