Shine Wu

Student and Youth Councillor in Wellington, New Zealand

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Hi, I’m Shine. I’m a student living in Wellington, New Zealand and attending Newlands College. I'm someone who aspires to better the world through education and leadership.

I've always loved the challenge of deepening my understanding of the world, so I've made an effort to learn as much as I can, utilizing all of the resources I have. I have a strong interest in mathematics, having won the Wellington Regional Math Competition (Mathswell) for four consecutive years and represented New Zealand in the British, Australian, and Asia-Pacific Math Olympiads as a year 12.

However, knowledge in isolation is futile, so I’ve always made it my mission to use whatever I’ve learnt to improve my community. I’m an UN Youth High School Ambassador and Wellington City Youth Councillor. I’ve been selected to represent New Zealand in the Ivy League and Yale Model United Nations conferences, and train my school’s Mathswell teams.

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