Kemi Jorge-Oyewusi


KEMI JORGE (Ph.D) CEO/Head of Operations SHINEXCEL COMMUNICATIONS •Elocutionist•Public Speaker and Trainer•Consultant •Educational Consultant •Training Consultant*Motivational Speaker*Inspirational Speaker•Toastmaster - President•Writer•Published Author•Editor•Life Coach•Skilled Communicator•Leadership Skills Trainer•Oral Communications Skills Trainer •Producer and presenter (Premier FM, Gold FM, Paramount FM, Splash FM) There are unimaginable potentials locked up in each man, each woman on the face of the earth, waiting for expression. Communities, indeed nations will remain bereft until its people are able to fully manifest their innermost strengths. Majority focus on survival so that bills may get paid yet, more than 90% of potentials remain locked in, because expression has been suppressed and denied. Our communities therefore remain denied of a myriad of great minds, great talents, great influences and outstanding leadership. An individual at his/her seeming best might remain nothing but an underachiever and a mediocre until he/she is liberated unto full expression. There are three arts that address the totality of man's life and bestow upon him power to liberate himself to manifest his latent abilities and values and influence his environment for the better; the Art of Listening, the Art of Thinking and the Art of Speaking. As a trainer and educationist, it is my duty to employ information as an agent that will form, mold and develop minds to adequately and competently handle the issues, demands and challenges that pertain to their environment. The approach employed creates in each individual a thirst and a hunger for personal improvement, which opens up the mind so that the interventions evolve into educational stimulating interactions that can develop high-lighted and self submitted ineffectual and deficient conditions. As a motivational and inspirational speaker, I am passionate about helping each individual to discover himself/herself and his/her voice so that he/she can take his/her place as a relevant force to be reckoned with wherever he/she is found. As a vocal and verbal consultant, I place priority on the importance of clarity and correctness in speaking. Clarity, correctness, and confidence in oral communication is critical and crucial.

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