Sam Yeung (桑Yeung)

Twitter Bio: 80s guy_educated but not qualified farmer_manutd fan_country music_kungfu tea_new staffs and funny news_happy to be connected

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I am a 20+ years old guy,borned in Shantou,a beautiful city in South China,After 4 years of education in South China Agriculture University,I found that it is so hard to be a qualified farmer in this days,Cause it is quite a technical

Now i am working in a company in Guangzhou,dedicated in the retail/instore communition industry,i am responsible for the oversea marketing,This is a interesting job for me,to chat with so many foreign friends with my kinda broken english,But i do like it,not just funny,but i do want to be a professional sales and a specialist in the foreign trade........

In my life,I am a big fan of Manutd,even my football technique sucks,but i am a goodplayer of badminton,at least i think so.Other interest include coutry music from TS,funny staffs from the web or news about Google & HTC,sight of beauties passed by

I am just love to be connected by others,by network,by phone or face to face contact,or by ...whatever...just let us stay in touch!