Crow / Yogi ☆

inside shu☆zo in England, United Kingdom

Crow / Yogi ☆

inside shu☆zo in England, United Kingdom

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Honestly this is more of an info thing for my current followers because i really don't wanna feel crowded but hey, y'might be able to get in if youre special (the bottom will say how you can be accepted i guess)

But uh hi !! Call me crow or yogi, imjust another teen who watches anime & plays rhythm games tbh but i guess i can be kinda interesting aha.

I'll list IDs/kins below, ones w/☆ are ones i dont want doubles for & i can give ya' some nice reasons as to why i dont so just, dont get annoyed abt it hey?¿


-; Crow (SB69) ☆

-; Yogi (Karneval) ☆


-; Lawless (Servamp) ☆

-; Ryoma Sakamoto (Bakumatsu Rock) ☆

-; Yoshiko Tsushima (Love Live!)


-; Hugh (Pokemon) ☆

-; Gold (Pokespe)

-; Kai (SB69)

-; Koga Oogami (Ensemble Stars!)

-; Chuuya Nakahara (Bungou Stray Dogs)

-; Yuichiro Hyakuya (Owari no Seraph)

-; Akane Owari (Danganronpa)


-; Lyna (SB69)

-; Rin Matsuoka (Free!)

-; Bokuto Koutarou (Haikyuu!)

-; Yuu Nishinoya (Haikyuu!)

-; Yato (Noragami)

-; Barry/Pearl (Pokemon)

-; Lance Mcclain (Voltron Legendary Defender)

-; Hajime Tenga (Kiznaiver)


-; Rin Okumura (Ao no Exorcist)

-; Hideyoshi Nagachika (Tokyo Ghoul)

-; Masaomi Kida (Durarara!)


-; You kin, or already tag someone as Aion (SB69), Shuzo (SB69), Soji Okita (Bakumatsu Rock), or any of the ones i said i didnt want doubles for above (just for comfort reasons thx)

-; You're here to spy bye sucker

-; You interact a lot with people who hate me/people i dont like (i should b able to look for that so dw with that!!)

-; You post a lot of um ... injection/syringe/surgery related stuff i freak out it aint my fault

-; You wont talk to me I dont have time for that anymore

-; You constantly hate on things I love

-; You'll find me annoying aha I get angry or over excited a lot (and i spam a ton too)

-; You'll fight with my friends in front of me yea no thanks

-; You'll make me feel uncomfortable in any way


-; You're lookin' for one of my kins in your canon I guess that'd be sweet

-; You're actually gonna talk and be friendly to me unfortunately for you that aint all up to me

-; You'll tag me as my kins thats always v nice !!

Alriiight well if you wanna get accepted then DM