take flight

probably crying in Iowa

take flight

probably crying in Iowa

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🌊 alfie/bottlecap 🌊

♤// hi im alfie and there's not much about me but here's some information:

• libra (oct. 14)

• infj

• nuetral good

• 14

• demiboy (they/he)

• homoflexible polyamorous asexual

💎 K I N T Y P E S 💎

🍭 me!! my whole identity/my actual self:

• honoka kousaka, lovelive

we are literally the same person. im the /real/ honoka kousaka !

🍭 IDs:

• alphys, undertale

• chihiro fujisaki, dangan ronpa

• kedamono, popee the performer

• feferi peixes, homestuck

• wendy marvell, fairy tail

🍭 otherkin/pokekin:

• bird kin

• eevee

• jirachi

💎 F R I E N D S 💎

• zacharie: hes pretty great!!! ive known him for a while and hes so nice?!? literal angel oh my goSH

- zacharie (off), general hux (star wars), karamatsu (oso san), mettaton (undertale), kotori minami (lovelive)

• rin: shes my sister! shes pretty cool i guess

-rin hoshizora (lovelive), chiaki nanami (sdr2), nozomi tojo (lovelive)