Artist and Actor in Florida


Artist and Actor in Florida

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🌿hi there! my name is cullen but i love being called by kin names so... either way is good..🌿


πŸƒim 15-soon to be 16. i live in florida and i go to a lot of cons here so if u live here or come here and wanna see me hmu!!! i love seeing my friends and pals irl it makes me really happy.... i'm a transgender male (he/him or it/its, please dont use they/them) + i am over a month on T.πŸƒ


πŸ„i am mentally and physically disabled. i dont care about telling you all about my mental illnesses but please know that i have bpd and that i become easily attached to people and i will drop people within seconds... if u talk to me at least once a day ill probably start considering u an fp so... dont lead me on if ur not willing to take care of me im basically a child who needs constant love and validation. if u need me to tag negative posts or anything pls tell me. if i make any posts that seem... bad or uncomfortable please check on me if you can.. id really appreciate itπŸ„


πŸŒ™im probably more active on my tumblr accs (ask for them if u want!) or u can kik/skype me to keep up with me. also i love skyping people!!!! pls dm me for my skype if ur interested! the easiest way to be my friend is to skype me because its a lot easier for me mentally to handle then just texting or anything.πŸŒ™


πŸ’–β€οΈπŸ’@kauworu is the love of my life. please dont flirt with me or him, also if you follow me please follow him too and vice versa... i like knowing who hes friends with. if u need me to tag pda pls tell me! but if you REALLY dont like pda id suggest not following because me and him both post a lot about each other.πŸ’β€οΈπŸ’–




🌟shinji ikari🌟

🌟tsukishima kei🌟

🌟 asriel dreemurr🌟


πŸ’« firestarπŸ’«


πŸ’₯rin okumuraπŸ’₯


β˜„i need constant love and validation and attention so please be my friend my kik is the same as my username and i'm really friendly at first but then i can be rly mean just in a way to show affection... sorryβ˜„


☁️please please dont follow me if you dont plan on interacting with me. im really clingy and needy. i need people i can trust to talk to and go to.☁️


πŸ’€id rather not say my abusers name but if you have my abusers name i will automatically deny. πŸ’€