death in Gore, New Zealand

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ok hi hello im sho and every1 has an about.me where my other ppl @

anyways, im 14 years old and idc what pronouns you use on me! I'm in a relationship(with elliot! @/spookykaworu) at the moment and I luv dogs. I also have ids and I very much encourage you to not follow if you id as them ha


💫 shinji ikari (nge)


🍬 haru (tsuritama)

🍬 william twining (makai ouji d&r)

🍬 syo kurusu (utapri)

🍬 hyakuya mikaela (ons)

🍬 ciel phantomhive (kuroshitsuji)

🍬 hinata shouyou (haikyuu!!)

I understand my ids differ from the other but bare with me. my personality tends to change a lot i guess.

i have no expectations in order to follow unless you hate/are in bad terms with the following people lol:

elliot, teddie, cozy, felix, nate, ai, noiz, ellie, angelina, jackie, rose, jed, noya, or cherry

thats it you dont have to dm to follow either yay

one last thing,,, did u know tht I can see whos looking at my about.me thts so cool man