Jelize Rebustillo 신지민

Hi!!!! My Real Name is Jilliane Celize A. Rebustillo

Age: 17

Bday: Jan. 25

Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I am a Filipina.......

Korean Name: Shin Ji Min (i just tried name translator a long time ago..i 4got what it was..and this is what i got XD)

I Love SUPER JUNIOR very much<333

I Love Dong Bang Shin Ki too.....

My Bias/es:

Lee Donghae

Park Jungsoo/ Leeteuk

Jung Yunho

Cho Kyuhyun

Lee Sungmin

Kim Heechul

My OTP's:

HaeHyuk 100% (sorry i prefer top!Hae bottom!Hyuk but i respect HyukHae) KyuMin 100%

I am a certified Ever Lasting Friend (E.L.F) at ♥ need for membership or registrations and that's final!!!!

I love listening to music (OPM, K-pop, some J-pop and C-pop, RnB, etc)