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[ if i requested first, you don't have to DM me! but please read this tho]

hi! i'm ann and i hate but also love male idols

some things you should know before following:


> i love kanata shinkai

> im from manchester so my timezone's GMT!

> i have an unhealthy obsession with ensemble stars, tsukiuta and starmyu

> i REALLY love male idols it's kinda unhealthy

> i'm pansexual and obv a girl

> agata-chan desu @shizuswife) is my #1 memehoe and i'd prefer giving her the Succ™ over anyone else on ig so don't follow me if you have problems with her i'll probably just leave your DM on read/ block you ahaha

> if you're an asshole in general

> you'll start drama for your own amusement

things i like/ post often:

> ensemble stars

> tsukiuta

> love live (more aqours than u's tbh)

> starmyu

> whatever yaoi manga im reading at the moment

> whatever anime i happen to be watching at the moment!

also i'd really appreciate it if you tagged me as these characters!!


> toru yukimura

> hinata minami

> koi kisaragi

> toru nayuki

> hinata shoyou

> bokuto koutaro

> yoshiko tsushima

> chika takami

i relate to these characters v much (i don't kin w/ them though) and would love to be tagged as them, if you're comfortable/ they're open!

and that's all! dm me a picture of kanata shinkai (so i can know that you read all this) and tell me you want to follow!