Shinla Moon

Photographer, Designer, and Writer in Indonesia

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Hello Love. I'm Shinla. It's not fake name, nor is it my exact name. Shine Like a Moon is the meaning of my last name. Because it sounds nice, now I use it as my blog and most of recent accounts.

My blog is about small things I l love such as books, movies, comics, and anime! I do it with love *hahaha* now as my blog getting bigger ... I'm sooo moved ;) thanks to you my fellas. I'll do my job better to sub and so on.

An INFP. I'm not judging person so I believe everyone has their own reason. I'll give them my respect even if I'm not in agreement with them, so no need to hesitate to chat with me.

I have odd humor sense, tend to laugh at something tragic and romantic, that's why my friends often mad at me kakakkaka.

I'm music lover. I listen to every genres and song from many languages. But curently my playlist is full of V-kei J-Rock. I love hardcore song which is surprising since people often see me as quiet and feminine. Lol. I'm only quiet outside, but passionate inside.

Now I'm doing my project author-to-be, I do really need lot advices. Ah... if only I can find someone who can exchange their works to learn more with me... but I'm not so confident to do it... wat du yu wan ekcuali?!

Let's be friend.

You can ask me anything except privat matters. You can find me on my blog (usually I post at or twitter (I rarely use it unless to let you know the thing I've done on my blog). Thanks.

And hello form Waroo smile brush... I love him sooo much.