Adam Shinners

Seattle, Washington

A Congressman once asked me, when we talk about CIA, why we never use the word THE in front of it. And I replied; "Do you use the word THE in front of God?" I am a dynamic figure. I can't stop time, but can stop myself from wasting it. I have a dog. His name is Barley. I can only type around 50 words a minute. Soccer is an AMERICAN spor. NPR is better than the BBC, and reality t.v. is retarded. My biggest fear is being completely alone. I bake 30 minute brownies in 20 minutes. The organizing principle for ANY society is for war. The authority of the state over its people, resides in its war powers. Mixed drinks are for people who love hangovers. I've been to a few different countries and continents, but I'm not a traveler. I love movies based on true stories, collaborations with artists of different genres, MP3s, dogs, spring, video games, social MEDIA, ghost stories, relaxing, making every green light, baseball, whiskey, cooking, and European ad art. I am actually friends with EVERY person on my facebook list, and I have recently started watching C.S.I. Children trust me, and I know where every single item is in the grocery store. I recently started fishing, and I'll be in Vietnam in July. Strangers NEVER offend me, and I fight sleep and continue searching for entertainment.

  • Work
    • Impact Hub Seattle
  • Education
    • University of Washington