first things first. If you're going to spy on this account, you might as well leave Instagram. I try and be really nice but when I find that people are just spying on my account really pisses me off. Be a normal person and leave MY account which I can say WHATEVER I WANT. — hey. i don't really require people to click here to be accepted into my account, but it's kind of cool to make more friends, ya know? I'm Riley and I'm friendly and I have a good sense of humor so joke around with me :) . I'm not really the "kin" type of person and won't get upset if you like any of the characters I'm going to list.— Top- Shinoa Hiragi (I love her the most out of any of these characters) ;;v;; Yandere-chan,Taiga Aisaka,Minako Aino, Tenten Mitsashi— very much loved by me Kosaki Onodera,Hiyori Iki,Saber, Mirai K, and Julie Sigtuna. What are some of my favorite anime? Sailor Moon,Owari No Seraph,Noragami,Fate/Stay, ETC. ( I watch too much). I love to make AMVs and I think I'm pretty good at making them- owo. Feel free to request! :) I'm very shy if I don't know you too well, but I'll honestly get to know you better if you comment or DM me. I love making friends!