paige ♡

Hihi~! My name is Paige, but you can call me anyone of my kins. I'm bisexual, but I have a bit more of a interest in girls. I'm also gender fluid, meaning My pronouns are any ( she/her ) ( she/he ), ( they/them ), sometimes I might feel different about my gender, and I'll just be (she/her), so please, be kind about my gender decisions.

Welp, I have a huge passion for Disney, I just love every movie they make, and I always will. I also love Anime and a few other TV shows, (obviously) I have a few favourites, Mirai Nikki, Attack On Titan, Sword Art Online, Owari No Seraph, Miraculous Ladybug, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead- there my main ones, I could talk about them all day. I also love Marvel & DC.

I do have some kins, but I don't claim any really (besides Armin ;^;) so I don't really mind if you kin with any, but just a reminder im very protective of them, and I love them a lot.


Shinoa Hīragi

Yuno Gasai

Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Nico Yazawa

I guess you could say I'm a mixture of all of these babes??? I have a VERY similar personality to all of them. They're a big part of my Idenity, and I don't mind if you call me any of them. 💜

(Also some IDs) Kins;

Suguha Kirigaya

Mitsuba Sangu

Rika Shinozaki

Mabel Pines

Honoka Kousaka

Krul Tepes

Characters I just really /really/ love with my whole entire heart;

Yuuki Konno


Nozomi Tojo

Mayu Suzumoto

Kofuku Ebisu

( I also love these characters a hella lot, but I don't mind if you kin/claim any :-) ) Comfort Characters;

Taiga Aisaka

Asuna Yuuki


Princess Peach


Husbands ( I love them all very much ) /)/////(\ ;

Armin Arlert ( the best & my no.1 )

Mikaela Hyakuya

Adrien Agreste

Eeeeh this thing is really long, but it's over now! If you want to be accepted, please send me a picture of one of the characters listed. Thank you for reading ;////;