I'm a Ninja!!


I'm a Ninja!!


Argentina | Enthusiast Shinobu fan | HaruP • KoumeP • SyokoP

Name: Rai

Birthday: October 29th

Age: 16

Gender: Female (she/her, he/him is fine too)


Hello! thank you for reading this!

☆ i spend my days watching YTPs and 音MADs

☆ I'm pretty shy and awkward I apologize in advance,,, i appreciate any kind of interaction with anyone so feel free to talk to me!

☆ If i'm comfortable with you i will talk a little too much, i'm sorry

☆ I love characters who are chuunis, and tomboys

☆ There is no point in telling this but i really like cats i have 6 cats and they are beautiful

☆ I'm into Enstars, Osomatsu-san, Idolmaster CG, pokémon and other stuff that i barely talk about

☆ I really love shinobu I'm very enthusiast about anything that has to do with him my shinobu album card is my pride and joy

☆ In im@s my favs are Haru Yuuki, Koume, Syoko, Natsuki, Hiromi. Since i got SR Haru i thank god everyday

I'm not good with descriptions but i hope this is good enough, if not then fuck