Shino Tsuchiya

Shino is a very unique niche consultant to connect social enterprises with multinational / large companies to establish scaling social business together.

She had been a writer, advocator, catalysts, and journalist in Base of the Pyramid space for more than 4 years, to nurture the atmosphere of innovation from people's needs in developing countries. She always pursue "bottom-up innovation" or "open innovation" type of projects, together with various kinds of stakeholders.

Now she works as a nomad researcher, based in London, but travelling around the world. She now mainly works with the BoP team in a Japanese think-tank firm (Japan Research Insititute, Ltd) for her consultant job, and serves for Japanese various multinational corporations, to establish their social business.

She also founded BoP Innovation Lab in 2009, and then after the Lab acquired more than 420 memebrs who are potentially interested in involving or initiating the projects and the ideas for BoP projects. Here, she likes to nurture the atmosphere of dialogue essential to open innovation as well.

With her long experience and background of sustaible/ environmental business consultant and advocacy campaigner, her strength is designing the project with high uncertainity, facilitation and dialogue-making among the various stakeholders with different missions, when creating a new social business.

She has MA in Interdisciplinary Social Science,Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo, and now studying Diploma in Global Business of Oxford Said Business School.

She is also one of the invester member of ARUN, social finance fund for Cambodia, and also graduated from Social Innovation Center, Institute for Strategic Leadership (ISL).

At this moment, she is leading the team for establishing the Hub Tokyo as a HUB Tokyo Candidate, to scope its opening around in the summer of 2012.