Park Shinyoung

Energetic.Creative.Indonesia | Believe in Jesus | 11 y.o | P-Of #Betim2 | Science.Music.Art | Wannabe Singer!! | Kpopers♫ | Proud to be an ELF ♥ | Eternally love @shfly3424 ♡ | Yadongers? | I'm Cute Maknae in Three Musketeers Official Page of EverLastingFriends Friendship (ʃ⌣ƪ) | “It Has To Be You” | I want to better my self more nice again,cause nobody perfect!Give that's world a peace and nothing "Saranghae Sesang" ✗ after we can understand that's world more kinds,we human,we have a feeling,minds,hearts and own self.Life must calm.And "Saranghae noye chingu,eomma,appa,eonnie,oppa,...!Wae?Gateun gireul georeo wasseo urin seoro dalpagago itjanha,nolla-ul ppuniya?goma-ul ppuniya?Noye nul hamkke,nul haengbokhaeyo,cheoreom nae jigum.Nae shipo noye arraseo,noye irohke nul.Kamsahamnida"SARANGHAE!!