Shinta Retnani

Fixer and Film Producer in Ubud, Indonesia

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I'm Indonesian, I work as a Fixer, Production Manager and Translator. I especially enjoy documentary film production about Indonesia. I've worked with BBC, National Geographic, CNN, CBS America, CBC Canada and numerous International Production Houses.

It hasn't been easy, I've been chased by the Komodo dragon, trekked through the pouring rainforest to the concrete jungle of Jakarta. I endured the stresses of working in conflict areas as well as covering the life of a Binman working in one of the largest landfills in South East Asia.

I've seen how the devastation of a rainforests has affected orangutans, gibbons, elephants, and indigeneous peoples. We have 17.480 diverse islands to explore. Are you planning to film in Indonesia ? You clicked the right address !

I love to read, write and travel during my spare time. Having fun is a must. C'mon we have lots of things to do!

Now, I invite you to open my link to get a general idea of what i'm doing ..


"Shinta is one of the very best. She’s a natural producer, exceptionally skilled at location producing, and would have no trouble putting together a full broadcast programme from scratch – starting with concept and ending with the delivery of the master tape. I'm sure she'd manage it under budget and within deadline. She’s a bundle of organisational energy! "

---- Simon Reeve, Director Shoot and Scribble Ltd. Writer & Presenter of various BBC TV Series ----

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