Mayadhanissa Dewi

Mayadhanissa Aditiyani Shinta Dewi , called Shinta or Maya or whatever you want ;DD

have many[or much] dreams. i need to make them realize !!!!!!!

i love many things. from the mainstream unti un-mainstream. but i prefer un-mainstream thingy.

God , Allah SWT is my reason im still here and my biggest love just for Allah SWT

big love for my family{}my mom,dad,big bro and lil bro. they are my life.

me is a collager right now and im a part of Aks1 UA (S1 Akuntasi Universitas Airlangga) YEAYYYY!!!!

and, you can call me a freaky fangirl because my idols make me crazier and crazier bzz bzzz

ya im a kpop-er[not a labile one/ups] , although i cant be soo freak like before but me still me , a freak fg fufufufufu;DD im a SMstan and multifandom/?HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.