shintaro kisaragi

full time gay in England, United Kingdom

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ok hi i'm shintaro. some people call me res.

llsif / enstars / pokémon / magical girls / misc games and ranting / sick memes

i'm 18, my birthday is april 30th.

i have a rabbit called mochi. i used to have one called tono, they look similar but they're different rabbits ww

i'm a fictive in a DID system (undiagnosed though so it's only probable). there are like 20 of us. if you wanna know about my alters it's ok to ask.

i also have BPD and PTSD.

i'm in a poly relationship w/ haruka, takane and konoha. ayano is my qpp.

triggers are rape and sexual violence. i'm uncomfortable with snakes when i'm triggered.