Shiny Diamond

i am super interested in knowing kicking back,chill,cool & positive energy folks. i am super outgoing and love a good conversation over a few beers. i am as comfortable talking to al gore as i am the trash man. i don't allow negative drama in my life from others or at leas ti try to keep it at bay. i have been in the entertainment(music & film) bizz for over 30 years and am a accomplished guitar player.i am currently starring in not 1 but 2 tv show's called "the godfather of fashion" with designer christian audiger who is the mastermind behind the ed hardy clothing line as well as my most current show, "the rusell brand show" which airs this fall on mtv and the bbc. i have a clip of the show pasted on my wall, some funny shit. i also dabble in film as an spokesperson/actor & visual creator. i am always looking for folks that want to get together and accomplish like minded goals,ie:music/film/acting & parties. for an in depth view of my life through the cameras eye please go over to once there you will find some of the most amazing pics of my life as i have chronicled it. i've met/worked with/collaborated with everyone from princess di, axl rose president clinton. i am always interested in being a part of your project in the entertainment bizz as well as making some good ole cold hard cash$$$$ LOL! in closing(as i can go on about me for days,lol) i would love to meet with you and see where the universe brings us. also keep me up to date on all of your parties/events you may want me to attend and i am available for paid appearances as my schedule permits. for more info on Diamond please contact Bruce Management at 310-281-3110 or taker easy peeps. rock on, Diamond .diamond1