My name is Marc and I was born and raised in North Texas, where I currently reside.

My background in art began in the first grade, where I would spend a good majority of class time drawing in my notebooks throughout the entirety of elementary school.

Around the beginning of middle-school, I quit drawing for the most part to focus on music. Several years later, I picked up art again with a fresh outlook and became serious with learning the craft.

In fourth grade, I recieved my very first instrument - a Yamaha RBX170 Bass guitar. This was inspired by hearing a cousin play bass, which produced a sound that I was both unfamiliar with and enamored by.

After playing bass almost every day for hours and hours on end after school, I made the decision to focus completely on music - dropping art almost completely.

A few years after acquiring and learning to play the bass guitar, I purchased a Yamaha Pacifica Electric Guitar and adapted to the concept of playing a six-stringed treble instrument.

I quickly discovered a mutual favoritism for the guitar as well as the bass, leading me to practice both equally. This began my journey into songwriting, which was influenced by a plethora of my favorite bands. Most notably RUSH. My repertoire expanded over the years, including bands such as Sonata Arctica, Dream Theater and most notably, Protest the Hero (undoubtably my biggest influence to this day).

By the age of 14, I began recording my written songs, which further branched my skill-set into audio production.

Fast forward three years. On a whim I decided that I would like to start drawing again.

After months of practicing with pencil and paper, I met a very good friend through a "Daily Deviation" of a page from his graphic novel on DeviantART. I was blown away by his ideas and abilities, and I was fortunately able to get in contact with him through a livestream he happened to be hosting that very moment.

From then on out, we became good friends (and eventually ended up living within a few miles of each other by sheer chance) and he began to help me improve my skills with art by teaching me what he knew, as well as providing helpful tutorials.

After encouraging me to get a Wacom tablet, everything started spiraling more and more into place with my art ability. Eventually, he even gave me a Wacom Intuos 4, which I use to this very day.


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    • Graphic Artist
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    • High School Dropout