Shiok Leng

Student in Malaysia

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I am pretty much a simple person. A little odd but TOTALLY harmless. A big time Tweet-whore. Pretty much a Cam-slut. Facebook-ho. MSN and Sykpe appearing offline bomb. Youtube freak. Nuffnang, Innit, Churp Churp and Hotmail member. Blogger with the hopes of becoming a ____(Insert pun)____.

I strongly believe that laughing can make me live longer and get firm abs. I also think the phrase, "I'll Kill You" by Achmed the Dead Terrorist is the best thing to say when it comes to stubborn-heads. It works. It really does. Trust me. I dont believe in crying. SHIOK LENG DOES NOT CRY. (Only when things gets totally off, i might ruin my make up a little.. But i DO NOT cry.) Oh yes!! I may be sarcastic at times but not so much anymore. Crazy too. It depends who i am with. I talk alot when im with people im close to. Not forgetting how much i do speak when i get drunk. Scratch that. When i get high. I have never gotten drunk before... Pink? Maybe.

Rainbows! (Oh, random too)

One person with a gazillion over personality. -Guess im not as simple as i thought i was. But compared to others, i am. Really. =) I hope. *Crosses fingers!

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