hii i’m meir and here’s a bit about me.

• i’m a minor

• they/them pronouns

• i’m intj

• chaotic neutral

• dating a girl named ellie

• fictionkin + otherkin


me 100%: (don’t follow)

• noiz: dramatical murder

• nagisa shiota: assassination classroom

• touka kirishima: tokyo ghoul

these are my strongest identities please please PLEASE dont follow if you think youre them/follow somebody else who thinks theyre them.

ids: (don’t follow)

• max caulfield: life is strange

• madotsuki: yume nikki

• kano shuuya: kagepro

• maki nishikino: love live

• izuru kamukura: sdr2


i also have avpd but i don’t talk about it and i’d rather not do so


also !! dmmd makes me really happy so i suggest you not following if you hate it/makes you uncomfy because it truly does make me super happy aa a...


tysm for reading !!! dm me to follow please