shipping containers

Here you can buy containers, each of which is standardized by the gross mass, mounting dimensions, dimensions and design of devices with which there is adherence to the gripping elements of loading and loading machines.

Benefits of using shipping container

Minimizing the time and labor costs.
Facilitating the transport of different types of transport.
Ability to implement the principle of "door to door".
Why is it important to use a container?

Versatility of use. Shipping containers 20 (40) feet - devices with features. Providing convenience and comfort with modular rail, sea and road transport, no need for multiple reboots cargo shelf, which are determined by a shelf-life of the content - not a complete list of the benefits of this type of packaging. Transporting non-bulky goods or technology is most commonly used 20-foot or 40-foot container.
Reliability. Ceiling and wall of each product produced by bending one-piece sheet metal, which creates stiffening and prevent deformation, damage or breaking the surface structure of the whole structure. The container is hermetically sealed, complete with rubber seals in the door leafs. Closed and sealed equipment 20 or 40 feet is a protection from both the atmospheric effects, and from hackers.
The low cost of the sale. Due to its ease of production, transport flexibility and simplicity in operation, we have to buy containers can be at very affordable prices.