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Moving the contents of any office, large or small, can seem like a challenge without experienced professionals by your side. Working with ShipSecure Integrated Logistics, the seemingly insurmountable task of office relocation will become seamless. We work with businesses of all kinds to provide an office equipment shipping and logistics service you can trust. We can help nonprofits, organizations, corporate offices, hospitals and medical offices, associations and more with all their office moving needs.

We can also help ship office equipment to customers as needed, and schedule and carry out related logistical tasks. We are experts in planning and scheduling, and are always on time. We also have the equipment and technology necessary to ensure success.

What Sort of Items Can We Move?

We can move all kinds of items, large, heavy, bulky and fragile, safely and efficiently. Every item will be protected, and moved safely to arrive in its new location in the same condition as when it left its old home. No matter what sort of equipment your office may contain, we have the skills and equipment necessary to complete the task. Some of the items we can help move include, but are not limited to, the following:

*Office furniture of all kinds – desks, chairs, shelving, filing cabinets, cubicle walls and more

*Technology, including computer equipment, printers, photocopiers and more

*Sensitive equipment

*Paper documents

*Fragile and delicate items

Why Choose ShipSecure Integrated Logistics?

ShipSecure Integrated Logistics is the distribution, transportation, logistics and project management team you can trust. With vast experience in all realms of shipping and logistics, we are the ideal team to fulfill your office equipment shipping and logistical needs.

Not only can we provide a full and reliable office moving solution, we will also provide exceptional customer service. We value each and every customer we serve and are easy to communicate with. At ShipSecure Integrated Logistics, we believe in taking a tailored approach to every move. We take the time to understand your business priorities and objectives to ensure we provide a service best suited to your needs and to help you maximize productivity throughout your move. We can help you stay competitive, efficient and successful. We offer exceptional solutions as an extension of your team, enabling you to focus on the side of your business you specialize in.



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