Shira Abramowitz



Unreasonable at Sea

Presently Pink


“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives,” - Annie Dillard


I spend my days exploring, asking questions, and meeting up with the most inspiring social innovators I can find.

I completed a Bcom with a dual focus in International Business and Neuroscience, and co-founded my first social enterprise, Campus Swaps while a student at McGill University.

After sailing to 13 countries around the world as the Associate Director of global accelerator Unreasonable at Sea, I have most recently joined the Summit team where I help build content and community from the mountains in Eden, Utah.

I can often be found brainstorming, creating, and learning around StartingBloc, Pardes, Presently Pink, Ideas in Space, and the One Wish Project.

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    • Summit
  • Education
    • McGill University | International Business & Neuroscience